Fresher’s Bucket List

Moving to a new town can be daunting, but becoming a Rhodent is an exciting experience. We have compiled a bucket list to help you settle into UCKAR student life.

  1. Take a selfie with a donkey
  2. Follow the route less travelled
  3. Have sundowners at Monument with friends
  4. Take a trip to Grey Dam
  5. Hike to Toposcope
  6. Take a beach trip to Port Alfred or Kenton-on-Sea
  7. Have a picnic in the Botanical Gardens
  8. Go watch a live band
  9. Be the last one dancing
  10. Make closing time at one of the bar/clubs Grahamstown has to offer
  11. Try something out of your comfort zone
  12. Sign up to a society or sport club
  13. Attend all lectures in the first week
  14. Make a new friend every day
  15. Attend the Great Field Party

The Oppidan Press would love to know your suggestions and contributions to add to our bucket list, so let us know!


Words by Elle Williams